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Here is the beginning of the story, as told by his rescuer:

Scotty is a dog rescued from Ottawa, KS, in Feb, 2000. He is eight years old, and was turned over to the shelter by his owner. When I got him he was in pitiful shape. He was so fat he could hardly waddle, and he was in great pain in back and very fearful of any handling, probably from the pain. His skin was weepy and his coat was awful. He was also not able to stay clean when he pottied because he was so fat. Needless to say he stunk. I had my vet look at him and draw blood for a thyroid test that came back normal. I asked the vet about his mouth at that time and he said the gums were eroded but that his teeth had been cleaned recently. I let it drop at that because I thought "well this little guy has enough problems I don't need to look for more". That was a mistake.

Scotty has improved a lot with weight and exercise management as well as being in a place he feels safe. His back does not hurt him and I can pick him up. But I decided to brush his teeth as part of his program of getting used to being groomed, and when I did a large patch of gum sloughed off. I can now see the space were the root splits on his tooth. I am think he will need at least 4-6 teeth pulled.

Can you help with the expense of this? My best guess is that it will be about $150 depending on how much needs to be done.

We approved this application.

Scotty's amazing vet managed to do all of this work for an astonishingly low fee:

Tooth Extraction $5.50
Rimadyl $11.50
Teeth Cleaning-Ultrasonic $30.00
Isofluorane $53.00

Yes, that's correct -- $5.50 for the extraction of *5* teeth!

Thank you to all vets everywhere who support rescue by working pro bono! You make a big difference!!!!!!!!!! 

Scotty is feeling much better now.

Update: December 2000

Well at the end of this year I can see that it has been a big change for Scotty. He loves squeak toys and being carried. He likes his custom made coat. (Custom made because it hard to fit a corgi for a coat.) He gets walks and even attended a herding clinic.(Scotty does NOT herd , he thinks the sheep are too BIG and scary.) And overall he thinks life is good. He has his own bed and gets to guard it from Corbin. He gets tickles and rubs and has a yard to play in.

When he is out in public he is a social butterfly and loves pats. But sadly Scotty has not been placed. His teeth need constant care and a special diet. And when he lost enough weight , I finally understood why he was so fearful of feet, I could feel on his side where his ribs had been broken from being kicked. He still startles very easily and screams if someone grabs at him in a way that he thinks is scary.

So Scotty is still at my home where he is loved and cared for and mostly happy if I have enough stuffy squeaks for him and Corbin to destroy. (once a week my house looks like it snows indoors)

On Scotty's behalf I would like to wish all rescuers.

And thank all of you who help every day to make the world just a little bit better for all us, by giving your time, efforts and talents to rescue.

You can save the would one small piece at a time!

Martha in Mo, with Scotty

Thank you to all CorgiAid supporters!!!!!!! You have made a big difference in this little guy's life!

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